7′ Bear Carving

Large Chainsaw Bear Carving

This is the largest bear I’ve done to date.  It was fun, challenging and I think it turned out pretty darn good.  A few pointers along the way from my good friend Jake, which you may be able to notice from the unfinished to finished product.  Carving bears is fairly new to me, I really only started doing bears last year.  I hated them before hand, like hated.  I couldn’t figure them out at all.  Until my friend showed me how to block them out and gave me so pointers.  I really don’t like the cartoony looking bears with their block heads and ears on top of them, not my style.  So I worked on my bear carvings over the winter and got a heck of a lot better, I happened to have been able to access this nice 26″ log that was just under 7′ in the late winter so got it into the shop, stood it up, and let it dry for another few months I believe.  It was starting to dry and I could now barely manage to move it around, which was more then what I could do when it was first inside.  So time to carve it up!   I went slow and out came the bear!  Let me know what you think, and if you’d like this one or one similar, don’t hesitate to ask.