Caring for your Carving

All my carvings are treated with 3 coats of Sikkens Window and Door Sealer. You can find a list of dealers on their website, and this is the specific product used Cetol Door & Window Colourless. Your carving will do best if kept in a minimal sun location, and should have a spacer under it to allow some air flow under the carving (beer caps work well, but anything will do, bricks, shims, etc.).

It is recommended to power wash the carving every 2-3 years and apply another coat of Sikkens. This will keep it well sealed and keep its nice luster.

Cracking can and will happen. If the carving is kept in a more shady space for the first year or more it should be greatly reduced as it allows the wood to dry slower (the slower it can dry the less cracking will happen). I can fix major cracking for a small fee, it can take 3-4 weeks for me to fix them and you must bring the carving to me.