Tools Used for Chainsaw Carving.


Well the obvious tool is a chainsaw. I use a variety of different saws, ranging for tony 25cc 5lb saws all the way up to a big 90cc saw with a 3 foot bar on it. Most commonly used are 3-4 though and they range in the 35-50cc range.

  • Stihl MS150 with a 9″ R7 carving bar (the tip of this saw is only 7mm and awesome for doing very fine detail work)
  • Echo 361p with a 12″ dime tip bar (great for most detail work and shaping)
  • Echo 361p with a 16″ quarter tip bar (some extra length and bigger tip allows for plunging shaping and still some minor detail work)
  • Stihl MSA 200 with 12″ dime tip. ┬áLithium Ion saw so I can carve and it be not so loud, or indoors.
  • Stihl MS170 with a Harrycane Mini (power gouge attachment for some funky texturing)
  • Echo CS490 with a regular 16″ bar (used for blocking out)
  • Stihl MS661 with 24″ or 36″ bar (the big badass saw for major blocking, milling, slicing those massive logs and such)

Many types of sanders are used, grinders with 24 grit sandpaper, high speed drill with a flap sander.

Die Grinders & Dremels

I use both of these for small detail work with several different bits.


A few types of torches are used to burn carvings before sanding, adds lots to the carvings, a necessary step. Gets rid of the fuzzy’s and adds a level of depth to the pieces.

Super Dolly

I had a dolly made to easily move logs around, as you can see it even will support a full log about 26″ across. Its got ATV wheels & tires and stands about 6′ tall.

Heavy Duty Utility Trailer

Being in the business of moving a lot of logs around that are not light, a heavy duty trailer is a must. Mine supports 7,000lb and is a tandem axle.


My latest toy, and very helpful, saves the back moving big wood around. Ive got forks for it which is a must have.

What to NOT USE!

This has got to be the worst and most dangerous tool out there. Its marketed to chainsaw carvers, but there is nothing it can do better then a chainsaw. Its incredibly dangerous and so many people get very very injured from them. Stick with the saw, SO MUCH SAFER! If you get given one of these Lancelot grinder disc’s do yourself a favour, THROW IT OUT!