Owls for Sale

A number of my owl carvings for sale at Pine Reflections Garden Centre in Carnarvon, ON

Double Owl

Large double log cedar owl that I did for my landscaper.

Small Owl

Around 2′ in height carved from cedar. Can reproduce, can ship, email if interested in one.

Wings Up Great Horned Owl

This guy all done except for some sealer. Its around 6′ tall and carved from a single piece of cedar. This piece is currently available, contact for details.

Large Owl

Carved from White Pine and stands almost 6′ tall.

Another Owl

Finished this one up the other day and is almost ready for a new home. Carved from Cedar and around 4′ high.

Great Horned Owl

This owl is about 6′ tall, carved from Easter Red Cedar. There will be a sign at the top of it with the people who purchased it’s family name. Inquire for pricing, can make more similar.

Pine Owl

Right about 4′ this owl is ready for its new home. Carved from Red Pine. Contact for pricing.

Pine Owl

Around 4′ this white pine had a pretty cool burl thing on it. This piece is sold.

3 More Owls

All have been sold, carved in Cedar. 4-6′ tall.

2 More Owls

Couple of owls ready to go, around 4′ and carved from Cedar